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Best Android Games Player

Aming on Android generally calls for you to accept the usage of touchscreen controls. However, a few gracious recreation developers make an effort and attempt to add help for Bluetooth craft gamepad — and we like them for it. Since so few games offer this feature, we’ve taken the time to test and compiled our list of the best video games that permit you to play with a exceptional Bluetooth controller for your fingers.

We’d additionally advise getting a Style Ring or Pop Socket which can help prop your smartphone up at a good perspective for gaming.

Call of Duty Mobile

Simply positioned, Call of Duty Mobile is one of the best Android games ever made. It gives an authentic experience for long-time fanatics of Call of Duty with a full suite of multiplayer modes to choose from. While the Call of Duty franchise has featured a few truely splendid unmarried-participant campaigns, Mobile focuses completely on multiplayer and manages to hit it out of the park by means of delivering the precise style of motion fanatics have come to know and love.

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A huge cause why the game plays so nicely is because of the involvement of Tencent Games. They’ve been owning the cellular shooter area with PUBG Mobile, any other game that is featured on this list, and enthusiasts of that sport will apprehend the familiar person interface and surprising gameplay overall performance it’s been perfectly optimized for cell. And in contrast to PUBG Mobile, Call of Duty Mobile was quick to recieve full help for Bluetooth controllers which makes the whole thing that rather more brilliant!

The sport capabilities the core team deathmatch modes that Call of Duty is thought for along with the Battle Royale mode that become introduced inside the fundamental franchise with CoD: Black Ops 4. They may want to have without problems simply stuck with the crew deathmatch and nevertheless had a first-rate game on their hands, however the inclusion of a one hundred-player conflict royale mode and the fan-favourite zombie mode just provides that rather more value to this free-to-play recreation.

I’ve been gambling CoD Mobile since the beta and it’s been one of my move-to video games on every occasion I’ve were given a few minutes to kill. Because the sport is so damn popular, it’s exquisite short to leap into a in shape, whether or not you need to play with casuals or move up in opposition to extra veteran players in a ranked fit. There’s a “premium” Battle Pass and the game attempts to push it’s in-app purchases on you as regularly as viable, however you don’t have to spend any cash to experience this excellent cellular shooter.

Call of Duty Mobile
Call of Duty has gained Game of the Year awards for 2019 for exact motive. It’s a fairly entire model of Call of Duty with complete support for Bluetooth controllers.

Free w/IAPs at Google Play Store
GRID Autosport

There’s been some splendid racing games launched on Android, but few provide the depth of gameplay and brilliant pictures discovered in GRID Autosport. Developed via Feral Interactive, GRID gives the most real racing experience you may play for your cellular phone with full support for Bluetooth controllers.

Featuring console-great pictures and realistic physics and car damage, GRID seems like a console-pleasant recreation in your telephone. There are over 100 vehicles to power with an equal range of tracks to burn rubber down. And it’s now not simply circuit racing available. GRID features an terrific choice of race type across a extensive range of disciplines — from open-wheel and travelling circuits to avenue drag races or even chaotic demolition races.

There’s a career mode to be had with extremely good manufacturing value and pre-race animations that lets you upward push from the ranks to grow to be the high-quality expert driver, however I’m keen on the first-rate selection of 1-off races that include a awesome mix of pure simulation races like patience races and drag races along side arcade modes like eliminator races (in which the racer in final place is eliminated every lap), checkpoint races where you are racing against the clock, and go with the flow races wherein you earn factors for pulling off clean powerslides via each nook.

GRID Autosport gives you complete manage over all of the settings so that you’re never annoyed with it being too clean or too difficult. There’s scalable issue that begins out with braking assists and different features for an easier and more arcade-fashion enjoy for casual gamers or you can ramp up the problem and set things to simulation settings for fanatics craving for a natural racing revel in. The inclusion of Bluetooth controller guide is just any other cause why this is one of the absolute first-class racing games for Android and clearly justifies the top class rate.

GRID Autosport
Call of Duty has won Game of the Year awards for 2019 for true purpose. It’s a enormously whole version of Call of Duty for telephones it’s entirely unfastened to play.

$10 at Google Play Store
Tesla Vs Lovecraft

Tesla vs Lovecraft is an excessive pinnacle-down dual-stick shooter that performs nicely enough just to your telephone but sincerely shines with a Bluetooth controller in hand. You play as Nikolai Tesla who’s feuding with H.P. Lovecraft who, as it occurs, has discovered a way to open up portals to release gruesome occult monsters upon the sector.

Fortunately, Tesla has a large series of upgradeable guns which include popular fare like pistols, machine guns, and shotguns to greater futuristic weaponry from Tesla’s personal armory along with the pièce de résistance — a Tesla mech fit that could cut thru waves of enemies in seconds. Weapons spawn randomly across the stage and also you need to acquire all five pieces of the mech suit earlier than it will become available to you for a quick amount of time.

Each level takes vicinity in a closed arena in which monsters spawn at random, and your goal is to take out all of the monsters and wreck any Cthulu spawning swimming pools that pop up. There also are boss stages peppered in that function a enormous that needs to be destroyed along side the endless swarms of other monsters. Those stages are particularly hard and you may need to make correct use of the Perks you release via gathering XP.

That’s wherein the game makes top notch use of rogue-like elements which ensure that every playthrough of a level is precise. As you shoot at enemies you acquire XP. Fill your XP bar and you are able to unlock a new Perk, that is generally a few form of character or weapon improve to help you to continue to exist longer or be more efficient at killing monsters, but the perk only lasts for that playthrough and also you lose all perks whether you be successful or fail.

There are over 30 levels to play, every of which have three exclusive “planes” (or problem stages) with the higher planes offering up larger challenges for higher rewards. There’s additionally a survival mode that assessments how long you can closing against actually infinite waves of enemies and an elective DLC percent that provides extra guns and enemies to the mixture.

Tesla Vs Lovecraft
Tesla Vs Lovecraft is an motion-packed twin-stick shooter that features infinite waves of Lovecraftian horrors. This top class recreation gives hours of exciting gameplay with DLC to be had, too.

$10 at Google Play Store
Evoland 2

Evoland 2 is one of these top rate video games for Android that you simply don’t need to place down. Initially released in 2015 on Steam, Evoland 2 is a awesome sequel to the first Evoland and follows suit with images and gameplay that evolve as you progress via the story.

I thoroughly loved the first Evoland game for Android and one in all my few criticisms of the sport changed into that the tale was a chunk short. That’s no longer the case with Evoland 2, which functions over 20 hours of gameplay.

While the first recreation inside the collection explored the evolution of RPGs, Evoland 2 has increased its nostalgic scope by way of incorporating even extra gaming genres into the game. It begins out as a quite ordinary action RPG, however as you development thru the tale both the photographs and gameplay take dramatic shifts which paintings splendidly for keeping the game feeling fresh.

Evoland 2 will have you ever laughing because it constantly breaks the fourth wall and there are extra gaming and popular culture references than you may shake a stick at. This is any other great game for fanatics of RPGs and online game culture and well well worth the price to play. Best of all, there’s support for both Bluetooth controllers and Android TV including the NVIDIA Shield TV.

Evoland 2
Evoland 2 is an RPG that objectives to discover and rejoice the records of video games, blending in gameplay from extraordinary genres even as telling a cohesive story so that it will preserve you entertained for hours.

$7 at Google Play Store
Horizon Chase World Tour

Horizon Chase is a amusing retro-style racer with gameplay paying homage to the classic 80s arcade racer Pole Position. Featuring shiny and colourful unfashionable pix over 70 tracks spanning 32 towns, there may be masses of fun available right here. You start each race from the back of a 20 automobile %, and have to weave your manner past your combatants to take the crown. Keep triumphing to improve and unencumber up 16 to be had vehicles.

Horizon Chase offers support for Bluetooth controls, and while the touchscreen controls are okay I’ve constantly discovered that a bodily controller is manner higher for the satisfactory contact required in racing games.

You get to play the San Francisco tracks however then must pay to liberate the entire recreation. Given how stunning and a laugh this recreation is, we wager you’ll.


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